Isnin, 30 Mei 2011

this is not a poem

warning: this is not a poem, but read it with gentle and slowly

i'm not a famous and pop girl
i'm not a typical girl who can just stand on it,
i'm not straight away can splash on you when i'm mad,
i'm not , i'm not and i'm not...

i'm a simple girl sometimes going messy
i'm a girl who just need privacy in my place
i'm who i'm

why, why, and why?
i really don't mind if you want to wrote about your feeling
but please don't you call me "(i know you know what's it)"
you never know who i'm

you're not my friend
you're not my bff
even you're not my follower...
emmm right you're not my peeps

but who are you?
why don't you come forword?
talk to me, what is going on?

i really want to be nice with you
if that what you want
take it as invitation
don't be a afraid
i'm not going says  "talk to my hand "  to you

the end

p/s : saya mahu berkawan bukan bermusuh sebab saya belum ada keinginan mencarinya... ^_^

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